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 We are your premiere crop insurance agency licensed in Kansas, Nebraska, & Colorado.  Your Trusted Crop Insurance Professionals are now on the web to better serve you!  We are proud to say that when you contact our agency you will come to know that we are specialists in the field of crop insurance and appreciate the fact that we devote all of our time to crop insurance. Crop insurance is a year-round job with several major deadlines to meet throughout the year.  This requires the agent’s full attention in order to best serve his client.  With over 146 years of combined crop insurance experience, the agents in our office are here to service your crop insurance needs!  Contact us today!

We feel that since we specialize in crop insurance it gives us the upper hand when trying to stay one step ahead of this ever-changing industry.  The companies we represent for MPCI & Crop Hail(Easy Hail/Advantage Hail/Auto Hail/Protector-Deadline based) include: NAU Country, ARMtech (now Agri-Sompo), Great American, & FarmersMutualHail.  We also sell Livestock Risk Protection Insurance with Agri-Sompo which can help provide you with a floor for falling cattle prices.  

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Revenue Protection (RP) Replant Coverage (Irr/Ni) Kansas:

  • Corn equals 8 bushel times base price
  • Milo equals 7 bushel times base price
  • Soybeans equals 3 bushel times base price
  • Sunflowers equals 175 lbs times base price

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2024 Official Prices for Kansas – RP


Wheat $7.34 $
Corn $4.66 $
Milo $4.67 $
Soybeans $11.56 $
Sunflower-Conf  28.8 C C
Sunflower-Oil  23.8 C C

Milo factor NOW is 1.0020 of Corn Price and Sunflower-Conf. is 1.21 of Sunflower Oil Price.

2023 Official Prices for Kansas – RP

 **Milo is 98.9% of Corn

**Sunflower Confectionary is 1.07 of Sunflower Oil Price

Wheat $8.79 $8.20
Corn $5.91 $4.88
Milo $5.84 $4.83
Soybeans $13.76 $12.84
Sunflower-Conf  32.6C 29.9C
Sunflower-Oil  30.5C 27.9C

2022 Official Prices for Kansas – RP

 **Milo is 99.6 of Corn

**Sunflower Confectionary is 1.25 of Sunflower Oil Price

Wheat $7.08 $10.88
Corn $5.90 $6.86
Milo $5.88 $6.83
Soybeans $14.33 $13.81
Sunflower-Conf  40.5C 44 C
Sunflower-Oil  32.4C 35.2 C

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